"After a few visits to Shepherd, we saw a difference in how our children were learning about God and Jesus. We all started to look forward to church. The Young Marrieds group invited us to a bbq and we joined their Bible study. We quickly gained this amazing family. There are so many great events to attend to nurture our relationships with each other and Jesus. Coming to Shepherd of the Hills is one of the best blessings God has given us."

- Stacy and Russell Cote

Missionary of the Month

Rev. Tim and Beth Heiney | West Africa

The Pandemic has affected most of our missionaries, mostly not in a positive way, but God has given Rev. Tim and Beth much to be thankful for. Beth and their oldest son made it out of the country after a few attempts to leave. Two of their  kids have settled in Idaho and Washington, both working in the healthcare fields. Another son and his family are preparing for missionary work. Please pray they continue to do well and remain healthy.


As for Beth, she is looking to return to Africa on August 1, but the pandemic may have other plans. Rev. Tim noted that 6 people nearby have tested positive for COVID. Please pray for full recovery and that the churches will open up soon so that he can continue his work of spreading the gospel. Currently Tim is being extremely careful, not going to visit, always wearing a mask and not congregating. Although this is not ideal, he is using his time wisely by brushing up on language skills. Please pray that they remain health and Beth can join Tim when it is safe to do so.


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Missionaries across the globe need our fervent prayers more than ever. Many of them are quarantined and not able to provide fully to the people most in need. Some are providing online support to their students, their congregations and their staff, while others cannot provide online support due to the poverty in their region. Many of the missionaries highlight how the COVID pandemic has affected them. 

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