• church picnic

    sunday, june 27, 11am

    Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 27 at 11am for our church picnic! We will have our church picnic after our 10am outdoor worship service in the field. Bring your lawn chairs and invite your friends! 

    And because we aren't able to perform miracles like Jesus and feed the five thousand with a few fish and bread, please RSVP by Wednesday, June 23 so we can provide the proper amount of food. Thank you and see you there!


  • DCE Call Committee Announcement from the Elders

    Shepherd of the Hills is starting the Call process for a new Director of Christian Education (DCE). Our new DCE will primarily focus on Jr. High and Sr. High youth but will also have connections with our Active Seniors, Sunday School, Family Ministry, Disability Ministry (FACES), College/Adult Ministries, and Adult Education. 

    The Elders Board is forming a Call Committee of 7-9 church members representing these various ministries. The responsibility of this DCE Call Committee will be to view candidate information, communicate to the congregation and to finalize a selection of candidates to bring to a Voters' Meeting. If you are interested, please contact Pastor Stoltenow very soon as we are hoping to finalize this committee within the next few weeks. Many might apply so there might be some final selection by the Pastors and Elders from the above criteria.

  • summer sunday school and confirmation

    June 13-August 22

    Pre-Kindergarten through 4th grade will be a combined group for Sunday School and will meet in the lunchroom 9:30-10:30am. 7th & 8th graders join SHYP in the Youth Room and 5-6th grade pre-confirmation continue with their normal schedule/classroom.

  • SHYP-High School Youth Group

    Sundays, 9:30am & 4-6pm

    SHYP, our HS youth group, meets on Sundays at 9:30am for Bible Study and again for group time 4-6pm. 7th and 8th Graders are welcome to join SHYP this summer in the Youth Room!

    Confirmation Camp, June 21-24, LVR: We have a group of about 7 Confirmands joining close to 100 other Lutheran Youth from the area at LVR for the annual Confirmation Camp.

    Water World for Xtreme/SHYP: Shepherd Xtreme (Jr. High 5-8th) and SHYP (Sr. High (9-12th) will be going to Water World on Thursday, July 29. Youth cost is $20 and the church will provide the rest as well as lunch & drinks. Other families and adults are invited to attend but traveling in their own vehicles and purchasing their own tickets. We are expecting a great day of sun and fun! RSVP to Pastor Zillinger at gzillinger@sothfamily.org.

    Upcoming events:

    • June 18-20: LVR with SHYP
    • June 27: Fun & Games after the service
    • July 22-26: Navajo Mission Trip
    • July 29: Water World
    Keep up with SHYP events by going to the SHYP webpage.
  • divine call to pastor Zillinger

    Pastor Zillinger has received a Call to be the sole Pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Lawerence, KS. Please keep him and his family in your prayers as they deliberate this Call. As always, Pastor Zillinger appreciates feedback, encouragement and discernment from members of Shepherd as he deliberates.

  • missionary housing

    Greg Holz will be in Colorado the first 2 weeks in August and is looking for a host for his family of 5. If you wish to help, contact Greg: 720.441.4734 or greg@crossingcambodia.org.

  • church sign changer

    Thanks to George and Ardis Gordon for being our Church Sign Changers! They are retiring June 30 from this volunteer position and are ready to train the next volunteers. That may be YOU! Contact Mel Smith to let her know you'd like to be the next Church Sign Changer. The job comes with a fancy title! Msmith@sothfamily.org or 303.798.0711

  • Birthday cards for delores

    On June 30, one of our oldest members Delores Schmeling, is turning 96 years old! Please help us shower her with love by sending a card close to that time. Of course our goal is that she will receive at least 96 cards! Please refer to the membership directory or contact the church office for her address.