Missionaries Updates


Missionaries across the globe need our fervent prayers more than ever. Many of them are quarantined and not able to provide fully to the people most in need. Some are providing online support to their students, their congregations and their staff, while others cannot provide online support due to the poverty in their region. Many of the missionaries highlight how the COVID pandemic has affected them. 

Check out the updates from our Missionaries throughout the world. Pray for all missionaries, that the Holy Spirit will open the hearts of the people throughout the world to know and hear the love of Jesus and the path to eternal life. Also pray for the health and safety of all missionaries and their families. 

Greg and Sinuon Holz-

Crossing Cambodia

Greg and his family are preparing to spend the fall in Missouri to work on Sinuon’s residency and Greg’s fundraising skills. The children will be able to attend school for the semester and Sinuon hopes to get a temporary job to help with finances. The goal is to return after the first of the year.


Crossing Cambodia’s lease is up in February and since they did so much to improve the property, the landlord is keeping his options open, not renewing their lease at this time. This is disruptive to the mission and Greg hopes to eventually have a permanent residence (thus the need for fundraising). It will be difficult to make ends meet in the U.S., but Greg is hoping for some charitable donations to ease the financial burden. Please pray that the pandemic does not usurp their plans and they can accomplish their goals while stateside. Please pray for the remaining workers in Cambodia who will be looking after the mission work while Greg and family are gone.

They have still not opened the schools in Cambodia, but with the tablets and computers on hand, they are able to progress in their studies.  Please pray for all the staff, who help continue the mission for the street kids of Cambodia.

REv. Dr. Bob & Kristi Roegner - Apple of his eye, Israel

Some exciting changes are happening for the Roegner’s as they arrive in Israel on September 1!  Bob has been asked to serve as interim pastor for Immanuel Church Lutheran – Tel Aviv Yafo. He will continue to do his outreach and will use Immanuel Church as a platform for that outreach. Kristi will resume her Deacon work, focusing mostly on women’s outreach through ESL (English as a second Language) classes.  


In July, Bob wrote that the financial support that SOTH gives them makes such a difference in the lives of people that do not yet know of their messiah. He described one man, Leo, who was drawn to Immanuel through the music of the pipe organ and traveled to churches in western Europe and noted the beautiful hymns and music that were central to the Christian Faith. Well, Leo has now come to believe in Christ as his Savior and was recently baptized at Immanuel. He continues to be an active member of the church and is so grateful that work continues to outreach to the non-believers.

Christian World Outreach

A note about COVID-19 and its effects in the developing nations that Christian World Outreach serves. Our support for the last quarter has been directed specifically to the country of Haiti.  According to Chris Yoder of CWO, Haiti has been severely affected by the pandemic and they had to suspend their daily feeding of the children via a food line. However, the donation we send will be used to “package” food baskets for the children’s families. They are so grateful for the needed meals and it helps to alleviate the worry of getting enough to eat. Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti.

Iantha Scheiwe - Mission of CHrist Network - Hong Kong

The normal, annual, MCN and Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT) conference that is held in Concordia, Mo., was held remotely via Zoom.  Several of the new leaders of  MCN that were currently in the U.S. gathered in person, while others joined remotely.  Iantha reported that while there was not the normal buzz and excitement that comes from everyone meeting in person, they were grateful for St. Paul Lutheran High School in Concordia, MO providing a safe and healthy place for the few to meet in person. About 55 people were registered tor the Zoom meeting and everyone was grateful for the sharing of knowledge that it afforded those that could not be there in person.