International Missions

International Missions focus on support for missionaries and organizations that share the Gospel, provide aid and support to people throughout the world. Shepherd supports missionaries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.  

Christian World Outreach

The mission of Christian World Outreach is to participate with the body of Christ in responsible evangelism, to bring dignity, self-worth and encouragement through leadership development and to meet the physical needs of people through humanitarian assistance. CWO provides hope and assistance to thousands of individuals in Burkina Faso, Haiti, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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Rev. Joel and clarion fritsche

Pastor Joel and Clarion Fritsche serve as Lutheran Church Missouri Synod missionaries in the Dominican Republic. Pastor Joel was called to be a church planter, to support the Dominican pastors and is Director of the new LCMS seminary in Santiago.  

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Rev. Tim and Beth Heiney

Pastor Tim and Beth Heiney, LCMS missionaries, serve in West Africa. Pastor Tim provides leadership-training seminars throughout West Africa. Pastor Tim’s role includes teaching, baptizing adults and children in various villages providing support to vicars in those villages.

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Greg and Sinuon HOlz

Greg and Sinuon established Crossing Cambodia to provide education, food, medicine and Jesus’ love to the street children in Cambodia. These children do not have a permanent home, are not educated, and beg for food. A daily meal, bath, school and Bible story provide love and comfort to these children.

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Rev. George Naeem

Pastor Naeem is the Missionary Pastor and Executive Director of the Biblical Orthodox Lutheran Mission (BOLM). The BOLM mission statement is "Sharing Christ's love with all Muslims and others throughout the world, particularly Arab speaking Muslims” BOLM continues to share the great gift of salvation though faith in Christ. 

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Rev. Dr. Robert and Kristi Roegner

Pastor Roegner is a missionary with Apple of His Eye and has established a Lutheran mission in Israel to reach out to Jews and share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Iantha Scheiwe

Iantha Scheiwe is the Director of Concordia Mission Institute, she focuses on delivering mission training for missionaries. Iantha also facilitates mission partnerships with the Lutheran Church-Hong Kong Synod. Our Thursday Morning Bible Study supports Iantha.

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Pastor James and Angela Sharp

Pastor James and Angela Sharp are LCMS missionaries in Uruguay. James plants new churches and works to support mercy outreach projects around the country.

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Joe and Viya Stoltenow

Joe and Viya established Ray of Hope mission through Global Lutheran Outreach (GLO) in Battambang, Cambodia. They serve street kids and their families. This ministry demonstrates the love of Jesus to those who seem to have no hope.  

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Doug and Tricia Stoner

Doug and Tricia Stoner are in Vienna serving as Area Leaders with Pioneers for Central Europe.  They are serving families in Italy, Slovenia, Portugal and Spain. Less than 1% of the area population trust in Christ for their salvation. Together with area teams they recruit and explore ways to better facilitate the planting of many churches in the region.

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Dr Wilhelm and Angelika Weber

Wilhelm and Angelika are LC-MS missionaries serving in Germany with a primary assignment to support the new Christian-education and Gospel-outreach ministry at the Old Latin School in Wittenberg, Germany. In the homeland of Martin Luther, only about 15-18% of the people living there profess to be Christian.

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John and Jenn WOlf

John and his family are part of the LCMS mission work located in Kenya, Africa. They are supporting the missionary effort through coordination and logistical management for projects supporting the LCMS African mission outreach.

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Additional international human care

  • Compassion International provides human care through education. Compassion’s mission is to release children from poverty in Jesus' name. It’s a mission about love. Compassion International demonstrates love and living out our faith by extending care to others.  Programs are offered to the poorest of the poor and to the children in greatest need without an ulterior motive.
  • Food for the Poor - This organization provides food for the needy throughout the world.